Vermin Brew

Vermin Brew is the creation of a collective of amateur brewers from Bordeaux.

The intention was to create an identity around an uninhibited universe where the creation of beer becomes collective and plans to enhance the experimentation of flavours and raw products, bringing a new approach to production.

3 axes will be chosen to define the visual identity and the storytelling of the project: floral, collab and grunge.

A logotype which, by its handmade creation, will retranscribe the desired message: a lettering with a "street" tendency for the grunge aspect (+ italic for the dynamics), rounded outlines which refer to the curves of a flower petal and a floral/explosive motif which replaces the dot of the I and is attached to the letter like a root which comes to bury itself under the ground to be born.

Description :
Identity / Illustration
Customer : Vermin Brew 
Location : Bordeaux, France

Year : March 2022

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