Seito : Hector Gachan + Obsimo

Typographic work and photographic retouching for the artwork of Obsimo and Hector Gachan's next single represented by the music label Nice Guys Records.

Seito, means “student” in Japanese. It is also the name of the new title of Obsimo and Hector Gachan.

To be a student in Japan requires rigor, requirement to reach the top. The culture of the country is the very representation of it, those who intend to teach it are always looking for perfection.

For the artwork, it was important to take the codes of the Japanese culture while including the characteristics listed before. Samurai helmet, Rising Sun, Imperial symbols will be elements that will have all their importance in the key visual while keeping the spirit of the piece : high color sound.

Description :
Customer : Nice Guys Records 
Location : Bordeaux, France

Year : May 2020

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