A cat, Musya, divine, walks the intriguing building of the Rotunda in a sublime city that is Saint Petersburg, full of Soviet mysteries. These elements allowed me to create a whole illustrative universe around this story, using the codes and symbols of Russian culture and more particularly that of St. Petersburg.

Inspired by the tattoo books of the Soviet era in Russia, it came to me the idea to take these codes and make them essential elements for the good visual development of the story.
The use of the flash tattoo (small pieces) was an obvious choice because it allows to find this spirit of collage where the elements come to intertwine progressively in the various visuals.

The echo, which has a fundamental place in the story comes then to express itself through the Russian doll. There are similarities between them like their multiplication and their enlargement which can be indefinite.The Russian doll hides stories but reveals many others…

Description :
Corporate / Illustration
Format : 200 x 260 mm  
Location : Bordeaux, France

Year : February 2021

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