Bordeaux Vin Attitude 2019

This project was for the Bordeaux wine Attitude 2019 design/packaging competition. We were honored to receive the Jury Prize for this edition.

The concept is part of a process of minimalism and simplification thanks to simple signs (lines, circles, curve...) of symbols representing the wine world. For this we have created pattern in their purest lines, environments, places, environments, objects or natural elements.

Our will was to bring modernism and purification of signs to the maximum in  the world of wine, firstly because these concepts, which are rarely used by the competition can easily stand out in a easily in a department or a cellar given the original graphics used.

Secondly, this purification answers for us a will to break the codes in a competitive saturated with often repetitive designs (chateaux, gilding, etc.) often repetitive designs (castles, gilding, etc.).

Finally, this desire for novelty and freshness is also associated with a desire to  to represent and to keep a certain tradition, an essential aspect of the wine industry in our country.

Description :
Customer :Planète Bordeaux
Location : Bordeaux, France
Collaborator : Jérémy Lacour

Year : June 2019

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